@tkoola there are a few around Tapiola too I have walked around.

@warner Agreed...I think its more like an infrastructure like a Road or Hospital at this point.

@UndamnedOne I think you would like it! Some great libraries and learning spaces over here!

@joelhamill this was my journey, evernote to notion to bear to obsidian. I would advocate for skipping notion and go direct to obsidian. The Nicole Van der Hoeven you tube channel might help persuade you. Of course it depends what you want.

@ndreas yup and my first day of snow work too!

@annahavron I married a Finn and have been here over 15 years. My son in first year of Uni goes to that party with the patches.....i think next week. Licorice flavour is everywhere here forinstance you can get licorice ice cream. The salty licorice called salmiakki you can get inside of chocolate which is my absolute favourite!

@ndreas oh snap. Same in Helsinki

@ndreas it is a short read so no big project just give it time and no distractions. I have heard of Kjell Westö but not read anything of his. I believe most of what he writes is translated into Finnish but that sort of text is above my Finnish language pay grade still.

@bapsi This quote and the original post from @annahavron is beautiful. Now I found two new people to follow!

@ndreas I agree with this. Especially as there is a strong blog component to the community, seems like the obvious method of discoverability and categorisation.

@ndreas Kiitos samoi!

@miljko yes @chrisaldrich is correct on both counts. I am 10% through the book and enjoying it so far . Looking forward to a lively discussion about it also.

@ndreas thanks & glad to know other (real) Scandinavians agree with me!

@jemostrom & @tkoola very happy to hear this but not actually that surprised.

@tkoola yes exactly! We are Scandinavian, I can't stand this distinction without a difference rubbish.

@chrisaldrich a great post! With this advice I can at least salvage some useful data and contacts from my twitter now.

@Lappenihatten yes! The photo is not great…it was dark with only street lights but under there is a bright blue bike hardly any rust. Think it’s only been there long enough for the barnacles to gather.

@tkoola yeah got out of the metro and was like that...really nice surprise!

@tkoola so true. I have given that vase many times to British relatives over there it means something different. Would never dream of giving it in Finland….too much cultural baggage.

@tkoola lol yes! I have had them served to me as ice cubes and even mini cheese canapes. I kind of am a bit sick of that shape now.

@danielsantos It sounds like we use it in a v similar way, whatevever we call that linked note bit! A couple of people might be worth following on here re note-taking @garo and @chrisaldrich.

@danielsantos Yes I am. I basically have Obsidian with me all the time and open permanently on the desktop. Use it for ’second brain’ stuff and also to try and collect a zettelkasten of sorts to help my own writing.

@paulmccafferty oh nice. Mine is still in Goodreads, partially made. I hope I can export it one day and take back control of it like you have done with yours!

@Annie Hi I moved away from Wordpress for similar reasons...also worth thinking about blot which takes a folder of images and markdown and turns it into a site. I am running it as an Obsidian vault with no need to takle any other interface...

@tkoola c’mon what happened to your sisu? 😉