@garo sounds like a good book! I have added it to my summer reading list!

@SamHawken Yes electrifying book still after all this time. I got so much out of my reread! I noticed you are a bit of a writer yourself. I have put The Night Charter on my summer reading list.

@numericcitizen. Oh thats funny I literally moved over my main site to blot today decladtwo. I guess you are right and there is a risk with a one man shop but I had to leave Wordpress it's a great website builder but for a simple clean blogging tool it had grown a bit cumbersome for me. Ghost I was …

@garo Hey Justin! So I found you and @chrisaldrich over here. I got alot out of The Extended Mind and was a little surprised at its negative reception over in the Obsidian Book Club. I think we all ran out of gas with work, two books and trying to add notes to the vault. Maybe I will write a quick …

@jmanes thanks! It was a beautiful morning…so I took the long way to work via the shore and got a few great photos

@ridwan Yeah I think i am ok with there being no community on blot but a nice low friction website tool. I am new to micro.blog but am enjoying a great community over here, so maybe both can live side by side.

@ridwan thanks! hey i noticed you are using blot.im. I am about to move my main blog over to blot from wordpress. How have you found the service. Personally i am tired of the wordpress backend and new block editor. Looking forward to writing everything in markdown.

@alanralph Did you make many?

@jabel Great post. I made a reply .You have some interesting thoughts about the aesthetics of the Mix tape with reference to wabi-sabi . You might be interested in the book Lost Japan by Alex Kerr which I reviewed on my main website here or at least talked about some interesting themes that stem …

@warner thanks for posting it. Such a savage takedown and right in the money.

@jabel not exactly the same but in that spirit i was just listening to a podcast about mixtapes. I am a big fan of these home made analog objects.

@czottmann 👍I am in thanks!

@czottmann Any left? Looks full of potential.

@SamHawken great advice. I am really enjoying these emoji 'tags'.

@pimoore this was so beautiful. I know something of your sadness having also lost my father last year. Wishing you achieve great steps forward with your goals this year, and a little for myself also.

@pimoore feel free to take any or all of them but you know then you really will have to do them right? 😉 If you make a theme yourself would be interested to read.

@hollyhoneychurch its a bit a jumble really. Mostly english cos of me but there is always some Finnish mixed in. 😆

@workswellforme I joined a day or two ahead of you & enjoying alot! Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

@hollyhoneychurch oh thats a great article! Yes there is a comic all about Finnish customs a few here the main website is FinnishNightmares worth checking out....& my Finnish is pretty bad but I can get by mostly.

@joelhamill thanks Joel. Loved my first day here.

@ndreas thanks & I have returned the favour! The first day has been great, I am really enjoying the whole experience so far. Looking forward to reading more about Stockhom too.

@pimoore thanks Pete maybe I will see you at the micro.blog readers club...

@numericcitizen Yup feels like a breath of fresh air!

@ericmwalk Thanks Eric. I really loved your post about moving your presence to M.B. sort of in the same position as you.

@crossingthethreshold Thanks David. Micro.Blog has given me a big warm hug on the way in!