@JohnPhilpin Thanks John I have had. areally warm welcome!

@lmika Thanks Leon!

@odd thanks & great to see some more Nordic representation!

@maique Thanks for the warm welcome!

@martinfeld thanks! this new neighbourhood is really friendly.

@dgs thanks David, I have enjoyed a warm welcome.

@hollyhoneychurch yes I am over here for good. I still go back to Scotland when i can although over the last 2 years thats been hard. I like it here, Finnish people have alot in common with Scots, similar sense of humour to give one example.

@hollyhoneychurch Thanks for the welcome! Glasgow is a fine city although as my home town is Edinburgh I know I shouldn’t be saying that.😉 A day of snow and blue sky like this in Finland really is fantastic after all the dark days of autumn. ☃️

@tkoola I moved over from Bear about a year ago and love it. Its interface is not intuitive but with some plugins and a bit of work you can really tune it for your own needs.

@jean thanks for the warm welcome Jean. Listening to the community @monday this last week and lurking on the discover page pushed me to sign up.