My Microblogvember

Thinking about how hard it might be to get a random word and make something of it I wanted a way to be able to constrain myself and also that would help inspire and challenge me. @challenges

So I chose the subject of Finland, where I live but am not a native. It really helped and hopefully made the sum of the words I posted about add up to something a little more than they would have been individually. So here they all are;

figure feast license admiration exempt echo insight consensus certain minister display suspicion adjust leave aluminium franchise barrel tire novel repeat ice grazed update retain ritual commitment motivation trend fish safety

The Koli Ice Road is one of the longest in Finland at 8km long. For safety the ice must be at least 40 cm (16 in) thick before the road may be opened.

I caught my first fish on lake Saimaa, one of many that day. We went back to the cottage in the evening and ate what we caught washed down with a beer or two.

Finns have a strong relationship with nature. In Finland 72% of the land area is forested and there are about 200,000 lakes. Here too is the trend of loss of biodiversity something we are trying to combat.

RGB (128, 24, 24) The motivation for painting their barns with the red sludge that came out of the Falu copper mine in Sweden was to make the barns look like brick buildings. Now the Punamulta color is the default for barns across much of Europe and N. America.

The Baby Box started in 1937 Finland as part of a commitment to combatting social inequality and poverty, already in 1917 mothers were given 4 weeks of maternity leave. Now other countries have joined in Scotland, Canada and India to name a few.

The key ritual in a Sauna is the pouring of water onto hot stones giving steam or löyly

The word has a broader meaning that is difficult to translate – it refers to the condition, the sense, the feeling of the sauna experience. Originally, it meant “spirit” or “life” YLE News

A great article about Finland’s school system explains well why Finland so often has great a PISA ranking. Something that chimed with me was their willinghness to tweak the system, dispose of things that didn’t work and retain what did.

Human rights in Finland include freedom of speech, religion, association, and assembly. A 2010 update made Finland the first country to incude internet access as a human right.

I feel like I have still only grazed the surface of the Finnish language but as they say here Ei oppi ojaan kaada.

I remember the first time I walked out onto the sea. The ice was piled up on the beach like a broken wave caught in time. The crystals in the air with the light reflecting off the snow was blinding. I could have walked out to any of the islands on the archipelago.

In Finland reading and libraries are a source of pride. One reason why Finnish children easily learn to read is that you pronounce the words like they are written. In English you must spend years repeat reading again and again as words spelt the same are pronounced differently.

Snow arrives in Helsinki ❄️

Tove Jansson is best known as the creator of the Moomins but for me she was the better writer. The novel The Summer Book is beautiful and catches something about Finland, time and love. 📚

Ugh I should be reading my new book about Zettelkasten but I am on twitter watching the meltdown like it’s a sport. 🗃

I tire of being told Finland is not part of Scandinavia. Sure technically that’s almost true but most people when they talk about Scandinavia are thinking about culture not geography.

One of Finlands earliest Industries was the production of Tar for waterproofing boats.

But as late as 1875 tar production was 175,000 barrels, many times more than the 50,000-70,000 barrels a year in the 17th century. Via

Between 2011-2016 The Guggenheim Museum tried and failed to set up one of it’s Franchise art galleries in Helsinki. So not quite as successful as McDonalds which first came to Finland in 1984 and currently has 67 Restaurants.

Walking to work this morning there was a bike beside the canal covered in barnacles. Someone must have pulled it up from the canal bed and just left it there.

Pasi Herranen of Aalto university has developed a greenhouse without any glass. A wooden box internally coated with aluminium foil that uses 50% less energy and 95% less water than a traditional glass greenhouse.

An interesting map of Mastodon instances Mastodon Near Me Via The Map of the Fediverse

Morning walk to work Ruoholahti 📷

First, the actual journey, where everything happened by chance…following that a second journey beside the writing desk…in retrospect, what took place at the writing desk was more real, although I did leave out many details from the reality of what took place. - Göran Schildt

Matti Nykänen the greatest ski jumper of all time however could not adjust to normal life. An interesting theory to explain this is the Orchid hypothesis that something inherrant in an orchid child gives them a chance at genius but also includes the seeds for their downfall.

8 & 9 in Finnish are kahdeksan and yhdeksan, literally two before ten and one before ten. My suspicion, it comes from hand counting. 8 & 9 are easier to count down from ten using your hands and not writing them down. Maybe an echo of a old tradition of Hand Mnemonics