village dirt road in FInland

📷 Day 22: Road #mbsept

trees on the edge of a park with leaves tuning red

📷 Day 21: fall (Pedro / @pcora) #mbsept

ice on a harbour broken up by the tide

📷 Day 20: disruption #mbsept

two boys jumping off a cliff into the ocean

Day 19: edge (Robert) #mbsept

radiation suits and bunk beds in a disused basement bunker

📷 Day 18: fabric (Adam) #mbsept

top of a ski run on a mountain in finland wind is blowing and there is lots of snow

📷 Day 17: intense (Rori) #mbsept

girl jumping on a trampoline in summer

📷 Day 16: oof! (BK) #mbsept

strawberries for sale outside on a market stall

📷 Day 15: red (Chi) #mbsept

statue in foreground looking over city of Marseille

📷 Day 14: statue (Christopher) #mbsept

jellyfish in a tank under red light

📷 Day 13: glowing (Anne) #mbsept

halloween pumkin on street wall

📷 Day 12: panic (Maique) #mbsept

knocked about Iphone kept working with tape

📷 Day 11: retrospect (chadgmoore) #mbsept My daughters last phone the day before it was changed

pink bicycle in amsterdam covered in flowers

📷 Day 10:cycle #mbsept

visualisation of network of bots on X / Twitetr

The Digital World Really Exists

graffiti on a rock by the coast saying 'let me make you smile' 📷 Day 9: language #mbsept
wooden boardwalk path in the rushes beside the water

📷 Day 8: yonder #mbsept

panorama of finnish lake

📷 Day 7: panorama #mbsept Taken on my phone a few summers ago.

looking up from inside a dovecote

📷 Day 6: well #mbsept

Wooded area with small cottages

#mbsept 📷 Day 5: forest

Metro Train in Helsinki

📷 Day 04 : orange A very old photo from my first year in Finland that I heavily processed. #mbsept

📷 Day 03: precious #mbSept

lizard in a hand

Going Green

Last Summer we put some solar panels on our roof (4.1KW). The aim was to be able to go 5 months of the year without electricity or heating bills which we achieved. Happy to say we were part of a successful rollout of solar in Europe last year. If anyone is toying with the idea of putting some solar panels on their roof I can wholeheartedly recommend it. 🌎

📷 Day 02 : buildup #mbSept

Cranes of Helsinki shipyard

abstract #mbsept 📷

Brick and glss facade of building

My podcast app is Airr which is shutting down tomorrow! I mostly don’t need transcript highlights but in some cases I find it invaluable. I know there is snipd but not used at all yet. They charge now for transcripts which is an extra monthly cost for something I barely use. (sighs inwardly!)