A Place To Read by Michael Cohen 📚

cover of the book A Place To Read

Michael Cohen has collected a book of his essays together which are about reading and a life taken up by reading.

Among the things he covers, places and their links to time, the home, places to read, names, clothing, travelling, playing golf, notebooks and journalling. Every one of these topics is tied to Cohens own life expanded upon and brought to life while also peppered with small insights that add up as you keep reading.

Sometimes the clarity and beauty of the connections he makes just stopped me in my tracks. It was a book I would pause with just to take in the last thought I’d read and which often sparked my own connections.

The books range is also appealing somehow far reaching but always circling back to something close and personal yet which many of us share.

The essays themselves are beautifully crafted often coming back to their beginnings closing their own opening in some beautiful way or linking somehow with another essay in the book. So to paraphrase something within its own pages it’s a book I will love forever. ★★★★★📚