panorama of finnish lake

📷 Day 7: panorama #mbsept Taken on my phone a few summers ago.

looking up from inside a dovecote

📷 Day 6: well #mbsept

Wooded area with small cottages

#mbsept 📷 Day 5: forest

Metro Train in Helsinki

📷 Day 04 : orange A very old photo from my first year in Finland that I heavily processed. #mbsept

📷 Day 02 : buildup #mbSept

Cranes of Helsinki shipyard

abstract #mbsept 📷

Brick and glss facade of building

The Bridge

The Bridge

Snow arrives in Helsinki ❄️

Morning walk to work Ruoholahti 📷

Hernesaari Shipyard Helsinki on my way to work this morning 📷

Last night I joined micro.blog and the snow fell. This morning the sun rose on our walk in the snow. 📷