winter swimming club in helsinki

Last of the Winter Swimming…

walking on a snow pile

walking on snow

Sunday evening in Helsinki

Torni hotel at night
an amethyst crystal rock face

📷 Day 30: treasure (@agilelisa)

old red dock craine  in rotterdam at night

📷 Day 29: contrast (@gregmoore) #mbsept

wooden stair on a hill

📷 day 28: workout (@rom) #mbsept

floorball team before a match

📷 day 27: embrace (@mroutley) #mbsept.
I still remember following my sons floorball team round through the years.

aperol spritz at a restaurant

📷 day 26: beverage (@annie) #mbsept

sun setting over a lake in finland

📷 day 25: flare (@matt17r) #mbsept

buckle of a red army belt

📷 Day 24: belt #mbsept I bought this Red army belt in 1992 from a soldier about to leave from their occupation of Czechoslovakia. Only the symbol died unfortunately the Empire still lives.

top of a hill overlooking Helsinki on a grey day

📷 Day 23: a day in the life #mbsept Saturday morning going for a run on a hill in Helsinki looking back at the city. Grey and damp day.

village dirt road in FInland

📷 Day 22: Road #mbsept

trees on the edge of a park with leaves tuning red

📷 Day 21: fall (Pedro / @pcora) #mbsept

ice on a harbour broken up by the tide

📷 Day 20: disruption #mbsept

two boys jumping off a cliff into the ocean

Day 19: edge (Robert) #mbsept

radiation suits and bunk beds in a disused basement bunker

📷 Day 18: fabric (Adam) #mbsept

top of a ski run on a mountain in finland wind is blowing and there is lots of snow

📷 Day 17: intense (Rori) #mbsept

girl jumping on a trampoline in summer

📷 Day 16: oof! (BK) #mbsept

strawberries for sale outside on a market stall

📷 Day 15: red (Chi) #mbsept

statue in foreground looking over city of Marseille

📷 Day 14: statue (Christopher) #mbsept

jellyfish in a tank under red light

📷 Day 13: glowing (Anne) #mbsept

halloween pumkin on street wall

📷 Day 12: panic (Maique) #mbsept

pink bicycle in amsterdam covered in flowers

📷 Day 10:cycle #mbsept

graffiti on a rock by the coast saying 'let me make you smile' 📷 Day 9: language #mbsept
wooden boardwalk path in the rushes beside the water

📷 Day 8: yonder #mbsept