My Yearly Theme for 2022 - Consolidate

My Theme for 2022 is Consolidate. I like having a yearly theme much more than a set of resolutions. It means you can take a direction for the year and adapt a set of wishes in any aspect of your life. You don’t pass or fail a theme but you can hold yourself accountable and build, with small steps, a positive cycle.

Consolidate is because the important things in my life are there already so I want to concentrate on getting the most out if it, wasting less time, doing more of the things that add value for me. There are no game changing thing I want to do or new direction I want to take, so it’s a boring theme in some ways, but that is good for where I am right now. 📝

  • more reading, writing and journaling
  • more quality time with my family
  • learn to type faster
  • work on my Finnish language 🇫🇮
  • less subscriptions
  • simplify & improve my workflows
  • keep saving
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